Hi, my name is Darin Janzen and I love to create music. I wear many hats in life, Husband, Father, Artist, Dreamer, and through everything that shapes who I am the thread of music is always woven. I currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba but grew up in Vancouver, BC so I have a deep love for both the endless sea and the endless prairie. Yet despite this beautiful world around me my longing for touching something higher and changing atmospheres is what drives me to create.

I often think of creating music as painting with sound and tone. Even though I continually explore new instruments to add to my ever widening palette, my first love has always been guitar. Since around the age of 14 when I picked up an old electric guitar that my older brother clandestinely left lying around the house, I have never looked back. Even playing the trombone in concert and jazz bands throughout high school and my ill fated foray into piano lessons as a child have given me some amazing tools to explore my creativity and the skills to create with others. Along with my musical journey, I have always worked hard at the art of songwriting and producing, stemming from those early years working for hours in my bedroom with a 4-track cassette recorder and extremely limited gear to now in my cobbled-together hodge podge studio with a little more gear and alot more life experience to draw from.

I am very excited and pleased to offer my music here for everyone to share, I have a few projects swimming around the fishbowl that need to be released into the ocean and I sincerely appreciate your support in making that possible. Please feel free to contact me for more information, don't forget to check out my music and sign up to my email list for updates! Thanks for listening!